Bike rental conditions

  • The lessee must pay a deposit of €250-€500 (depending on the bicycle model) which will be returned upon delivery of the bicycle.
  • In case of an early return of the bicycle, the part of the contract not used will not be paid.
  • The deposit will be charged by credit card and will be returned to you within days of returning the bike.
  • The renter is solely responsible for any damage caused to the bicycle, including theft, loss or damage to any accessory requested from the rental agency (helmets, pedals, pumps, tools, etc).
  • The bicycle is rented solely and exclusively for leisure use, any other use is strictly prohibited.
  • Bicycles must always be stored / parked in a safe room or must always be with the clients, it is not allowed to leave / park bicycles on the street (90% of bicycles parked on the street are stolen) so which will be the responsibility of the client the loss or theft of the bicycles. We do not offer coverage in case of theft of the rental bicycle, the responsibility for the theft lies exclusively with the CLIENT who signs the rental contract. In case of theft, you must pay the current value of the bicycle.
  • In the event that the company finds the bikes on the street, or the bicycles are involved in acts of vandalism or misusing them, the company reserves the right to remove the bicycles without any refund of the rental amount. .
  • Any fine or sanction derived from the use of bicycles is the sole responsibility of the client.
  • Signing this contract implies full acceptance of the conditions described above by the tenant
  • The customer must check the bicycle delivered and in case of any inconvenience must notify the company as soon as possible.
  • The use of bicycles in sports competitions (cycling-triathlon) is not allowed
  • The bicycles can only be used on the island of Ibiza and cannot be used on Formentera, for example.

RESERVATIONS: reservations will be made through the website. To make the reservation, payment of 50% of the total rent will be made or pay 100% if you wish. CANCELLATIONS: to cancel a reservation, you must inform the company more than 4 days in advance by contacting the company. In case of cancellation of a reservation less than 4 days in advance, the refund of the amount paid in advance will not be made, also in the event that in a rental reservation (example) 8 bicycles and finally 6 are needed, the 2 bicycles remaining will be invoiced equally and the proportional part will not be paid.