Rent Conditions
  • The rental customer must pay a deposit of €50 which will be returned upon delivery of the bicycle.
  • The rental customer is the sole party liable for any damage caused to the bicycle, including theft, lost of any extras requested to the rental agent (helmets, pedals, pump, tools, etc).
  • The bicycle is rented for riding, any other use is strictly prohibited.
  • The bicycles must be always parked in a safe room or must be always with the client, is not allowed to park the bicycles on the street (90% of the bikes parked on the street are stolen) so will be client responsibility if bicycles are stolen. We do not offer coverage in case of theft of the rental bicycle, the responsibility for theft belongs exclusively to CLIENT who has signed the bike rental agreement. In case of theft, you must pay the current value of the bicycle
  • In case the company would find the bikes on the street, or bicycles will be involved in acts of vandalism or improper use of them, it reserves the right to take back the bicycle from the customer without refunding any of the rental amount.
  • Any fine or penalty resulting from the use of bicycles is only customer responsibility.
  • Any incidents that arise regarding complete fulfilment of this contract shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Ibiza courts.
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