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Interior Plains and Villages Route

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This route will take us through the central parts of the island. We will see the small, pleasant villages of the interior and the two main plains: the Sant Mateu Plain and Santa Inés Plain, renowned for their spectalular flowering almond trees during spring which paint the entire valley white.

Departure is from or around Sant Rafael and the route will pass through the villages of Santa Gertrudis, Sant Miguel, Sant Mateu and Santa Inés.

Reasons to choose us
Starts any
point island

Route information
   Bike  Scott Solace 20
   Duration  2h 30min
   Distance  50 - 55 kms
   Climb distance  450 mts
   People  1 person min

Equipment included
  • Bicycle
  • Guide
  • Helmet
  • Water
  • Insurance
  • Repair kit

Type of pedals to choose

Pedals Normal

Pedals SPD

Pedals Look Keo

Pedals SPD SL

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